YOU ARE (every thing, always, every where, now), 2023
Each 90cm x 120cm x 40cm
Acrylic on aluminum

With this new series of visualized geometric structures, Gough explores connections between the language of geometry and ideas of our very existence, with broad conceptual themes of ‘our place in space’ or ‘we are what surrounds us’.

While referencing visual aspects of formal geometry and the philosophy of Synergetics (Buckminster Fuller’s theory of geometry as the ‘language of the universe’ and whole system behaviors), these works deconstruct traditional, formal geometric structures and reconstruct them to create a new visual language (or reality).

There is a sense of 3-Dimensionality or sculptural depth to the works, with the image morphing and changing depending on your location, or perspective as the viewer, while conceptually considering an individual’s contribution to the dynamic or vibrational energy that continuously binds or separates humans from one another, as each one of us contributes our individual energy to the collective whole.

“Even though we don’t have any proof, we can sense there is a beautiful world that can be seen with something more than our intellectual understanding. Seeing the vast expanse of human life is a target you can aim at – a destination. But you shouldn’t be crazy about reaching it, because everyday life is already right now, right here. Right now, right here is the present moment – time.”
Dainin Katagiri, Each Day Is The Universe: Zen and the Way of Being Time

YOU ARE (always) 90cm x 120cm x 40cm
Acrylic on aluminum

© Donna Gough 2023