Donna Gough. Artist.

Exploring the real and the referential, linking elements from drawing, sculpture, installation and light-based media - with parallels of light and consciousness underpinning my conceptual framework.

OM, 2019 Finalist in the 66th Blake Prize, Australia, 2021. Photo credit: Ali Tahayori

In Vedic teachings, OM is forever unfolding as our experience of the universe, a reflection of the ever present absolute reality. Said to be without beginning or end, embodying all past, present, future, and existence beyond time. This work contemplates our breath as universal energy, a concept that can be everywhere in our everyday lives – and to consider that when chanting OM, the vibration connects you to universal reality that is not outside you. It is you.

Portal series
Mixed digital, UV prints on aluminium dibond, cradled frame
47” x 47” x 1.5”

Frequency, 2020

All life vibrates. The law of nature teaches that everything living, all colours and sounds vibrate to a frequency. Within our cells, atoms – that are made up of particles, are vibrating energy. Our universe is the ‘radio’ with each of us vibrating at a chosen frequency. Different emotions raise or lower our individual vibration, emitting varying energy fields.

In witnessing nature, we see many creatures act as ‘one spirit’, a combined resonance among many individual components, moving as one, like a communion with the universe. Amid challenging times, we can choose to tune our own reality to a higher frequency – each one of us contributing our individual energy to the collective whole, as we bring a better world into being.

Reflect, 2019

Seek, 2020