Meet me in the desert  (installation), 2019

2D/3D drawing (digital prints on Hahnemühle paper), neon light, transformer, cables, gaffer tape
98” x 67” x 2”

Reflecting on the Vedic concept of Kaivalya (investigation of self), the nature of emptiness, detachment and endless space, for this work – lyrics from the Johnny Cash song “Out Among the Stars” were converted to binary numbers to plot drawing and sculpting points within a 3D modelling program. The resulting polygon sculpture was then introduced into a 2D environment, where the drawing composition was finalised. Layering lines of light and tape into the final installation brings another dimension when the drawing is realised.

Meet me in the desert (installation detail)

Meet me in the desert (framed 70 x 100 cm). Finalist in the 2018 ‘Music for your Eyes exhibition’ at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

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